Changing Rooms

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After watching the latest ‘Great Interior Design challenge’ and flicking through my numerous copies of interiors magazines, its got my creative juices flowing so I’ve decided to make a few changes to our house this year. Nothing too crazy but enough to make a notable difference.

These are the first couple of things I want to change…

When we came back from Hong Kong 17 years ago, we brought a fair few pieces of furniture back too.  Over the years, some of it has either disintegrated (not enough humidity here) or we no longer love it.  The one piece of furniture that we both still love (my husband more than me!) is our Indian teak dining table (originally a door).

Decisions, decisions


Now I know it’s not exactly bang on trend at the moment, but he is very nostalgic about it and of course we’ve had many a memorable meal round it!  As I am not allowed to sell it, we have reached a compromise and are going to change the chairs. 

I have 2 options – Firstly I could go a bit crazy and get 4 different styles of 2 chairs, funk it up a bit.  But I have to be careful as it’s not an easy table to match with chairs as it is rather chunky. However a trip to Ardingly Antiques Fair might save the day! 

Teak table and chairs

I love this place,  it is brimming with everything from eclectic furniture to bucket loads of trinkets.   It’s a good place to find something a little different to your average home store and you can often get a bargain if you get there early enough.  Worth setting your alarm clock for!  Dining chairs here I come! 

If that little venture fails, I am going to head down to lovely Lewes where I can spend hours in all the wonderful antique/junk shops

My favourite places

  • Pastorale Antiques
  • Lewes  Antiques Centre
  • Interior (Needlemakers)
Farrow and Ball Paint chart for Interior Design

If I do come back empty handed, then I am going to paint the chairs in a combination of colours and recover the seats in some fabulous fabric. This would give them a new lease of life.  

  • Another room I want to make a change to is our downstairs toilet.   I love this room, can I say that about a toilet??.  It has an original stained glass window in there which although a little drafty, is beautiful.  What I want to change is the flooring.  It currently has coir matting – a flooring which I like, but not in a toilet! I've decided upon patterned black and white tiles and absolutely love the tiles from Bert & May. Ok they’re not the cheapest, but I only need 2 metres and I feel it's money well spent. Like most tile stores, you can order samples just to make sure you're 100% happy before taking the plunge.

I’ve still got other plans on the horizon, so will keep you fully informed of my plotting and planning and what i ended up purchasing to enhance these 2 rooms.......

Katie Vandyck