Pantone Colours for 2017

Pantone Colours for Winter 2017

So here they are, the COLOURS trending for 2017.  I am sure there are at least a couple from this palette that you will be using in your home this year. 

This could be as simple as a lampshade or really going for it by painting an item of furniture and making it a statement piece or finding some fabulous fabric for your curtains

Whether you will be using just one colour or a combination, it will make an impact.



Green pantone square for Interior Decoration

To put it simply, this colour shouts everything nature, - foliage, growing plants and vegetation.

To me it is a refreshing, uplifting shade, particularly at this time of year when everything seems rather dull and colourless. It lets me know spring will soon be on its way! This colour looks stunning set against a white background.

Pale Dogwood

Pink Pantone colour for Interior Design

I never thought I would ever like this colour, again as it brings back memories of my Granny’s bedroom and bathroom where literally everything was in this shade. Her kidney shaped dressing table, her faux silk bedspread to her bathroom suite.

Today, we can be more adventurous, and mix it up with copper tones, greys, and yellow tones and it takes on a whole new look. 

Mood board for pink and green for Interior design

However when we look around, we see both of these wonderful colours all the time in nature so here is my take on this combination…



This colour has a denim like look about it, very relaxing and is a versatile colour.  It’s a warm blue so suitable for most room aspects.  It sits comfortably with other shades of blue and most other colours.

Blue Pantone Colour for Interior Decoration
Mood board for Interior design in blues